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Paying Tributes to Mahatma Gandhiji and Group Meditation 

Date & Time

For more information, Call us @ +91 98681 37585 / 98711 95008

Venue :
Rajghat, Delhi

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Oct 22nd, 2023
07:00 AM to 8:30 AM IST

Join us for a special event as we pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji through a Group Meditation session at the historic Rajghat in Delhi. This event will take place on the 22nd of October from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM IST.


Gandhiji's teachings have left a lasting impact on our world, emphasizing the power of non-violence, truth, and simplicity. In commemoration of his legacy, we will come together to meditate and reflect on these profound principles.


Your presence is invaluable in making this event a success. To confirm your participation, please call the numbers below:

+91 98681 37585 / 98711 95008


Let's gather at Rajghat to honor Gandhiji and experience the transformative effects of meditation in his memory. We look forward to sharing this meaningful event with you.

Facilitator & Coach

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Chandra Pulamarasetti

Former Corporate Exec,

Founder,  Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

Chandra Pulamarasetti, founder of Buddh-CEO Quantum Foundation, is a successful entrepreneur, former Vice President at IBM Corporation, meditation coach, and board member /advisor of Pyramid Valley International, Quantum Life University & other.


Chandra Pulamarasetti attributes a lot of his success including the acquisition of his software company, to the powerful techniques based on meditation and manifestation.


Inspired and deeply transformed by the teachings of Brahmarshi Patriji, he has studied several masters from East and West including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Swami Rama, Neal Donald Walsh, Seth and many more. He has been practicing meditation for over 22 years now, teaches regularly to leaders and professionals, conducts multi-day meditation retreats and participates in several meditation service activities.

Chandra dreams of a spiritual world being established  in the shortest possible time where every leader transforms into a Buddha-CEO and contributes to this cause significantly.

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