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Chandra Pulamarasetti
Founder Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation
Successful Entrepreneur, Former VP,

IBM Corporation

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Chandra Pulamarasetti, founder of Buddh-CEO Quantum Foundation, is a successful entrepreneur, former Vice President of IBM Corporation, transformational meditation coach, and board member /advisor of few non-profit organizations including Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore. 

Chandra Pulamarasetti attributes a lot of his success including the recent acquisition of his software company, to the powerful techniques based on meditation and manifestation. 

Inspired and deeply transformed by the teachings of Brahmarshi Patriji, he has studied several masters from East and West including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Swami Rama, Neal Donald Walsh, Seth and many more. He has been practicing meditation for over 20 years now, teaches regularly to organizational and business leaders and professionals, conducts multi-day advanced meditation retreats and participates in several meditation service activities.

Chandra dreams of a spiritual world being established  in the shortest possible time where every leader transforms into a Buddha-CEO and contributes to this cause significantly.

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Laurence Guihard-Joly

Former General Manager and Mindfulness Sponsor,
IBM Co-founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

Laurence Guihard-Joly, co-founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, is an experienced Senior General Manager who successfully managed multiples large global IBM business Units these last 15 years. She lived in France, Singapore and the United States and traveled the world extensively, especially in India. In addition, Laurence supports young entrepreneurs to grow their “start-up”. She is also a wife and mother of 2 boys and is committed to supporting people with disabilities.


She was introduced to meditation in 2016 in India, and since then  has been practicing meditation and mindfulness, participating to many retreats and studying extensively the various techniques, science and wisdom from many renowned meditators, doctors, neuroscientists, universities, business leaders… as well as spiritual masters from both the West and  East.


Transformed by the multiple benefits of these practices, and inspired by their positive impacts in the workplace, Laurence started to bring them to her colleagues and soon became the Corporate Sponsor of Mindfulness in IBM, in addition to her business role. After teaching to thousands of leaders and professionals, in IBM and other organizations, she decided to  devote her time to helping all leaders, in the corporate and academic worlds, to become “Buddha-CEOs”, happier, fulfilled, and who will naturally build a more harmonious society.

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Ravindra Gunturi
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Veena Arvind
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Sridevi Sankar
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Qualification: Engineering Graduate from Mysore University in Electronics and Communication. A technologist who recently quit the corporate life as Delivery Director in a large Technology services organization to pursue interest as an entrepreneur. 


A volunteer with Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation teaching meditation, handling research and other activities for the foundation.


About Self: My meditation journey started in the year 2020 through a corporate program by Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation. Since then it has been a transformational journey impacting all areas of my life. It has helped me become better in my professional life, understand my relationships better pursue interests that otherwise i would have hesitated to take up. 


I enjoy being in nature including trekking and wildlife photography. I also enjoy Carnatic classical music

Qualification: B.E Computer Science, MBA from IP University, Delhi. Professionally, working as Lead Consultant with an IT Major Company, Colt Technology Services, since 14 years with a total experience of around 21 years with various organizations (Colt, Avaya Global Connect Ltd, Verint Systems, Futuresoft Technologies).


About Self: I have been in touch with my spiritual self since the last 17 years, and been practicing healings for the initial few years (Reiki, Pranic healing & Quantum Touch), then I graduated to learn and practice Hypnotherapy, followed by NLP, with a very scientific approach. 


And until today my focus is working on the “belief systems” which can bring a radical change in the life.

Qualification: MBA (Finance) lives in Bangalore. She is working as a Sr. Manager - Finance for one of the Infrastructure company.


About Self: I have been practicing meditation for over 25 years and currently volunteering for Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation as a Finance Coordinator. I attribute my success in my career to the Practice of  Meditation and of doing Service.  


My hobbies are reading books, cooking  and spending time in nature.

Qualification: currently pursuing BTech degree in Food Technology at Bannari Amman institute of technology. 


About Self:  I got introduced to meditation by my institute and I've been practicing meditation for the past 9 months. Meditation has been a miracle in my life. It has taught me how to see, listen, speak, think and live in a proper way. It has helped me heal my physical and mental health. I am now finding peace and happiness in and around me.


I have been a facilitator in the Youth programs of Buddha-CEO and I love volunteering as I get to spread meditation to lot of aspiring youth as they get benefitted through it.


I am a passionate singer and a classical dancer and I love practicing it regularly apart from my studies.

Qualification: A seasoned IT services professional who worked with Wipro Satyam, UST Global and DDE ORG etc., handling many key positions. His experience spawns the entire range of IT Services Delivery and Management in MNC’s in the Top Management positions. He mentored and nurtured  over 100 capable leaders during his professional journey. His experience has been in several Domains such as Energy & Utilities, Telecom BSS, Infrastructure Management Services, Emergency Management Services and Health Care. His last employment was a core team member in the EMRI & 108 services heading the  Technology Innovations Group.

About Self: My  meditation journey started during my school days in the year 1967 at Ramakrishna Mission High School. However after a 6 months period it halted. Now I am a consistent meditator for over a year. Having derived multiple benefits such as control over diabetes, ability to be energetic throughout a day even though sleeping less, eating less etc. has motivated my experiences into conducting book clubs for the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation.

Qualification: currently working in an MNC as a Project Manager. 

About Self: I have been meditating since 2018. Meditation is  helping me in maintaining high energies throughout the day as well as peace of mind. I have been working as a volunteer since the last 2 years in Soultrends and at the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation.


My aim is to spread the meditation to as many people as possible and I have started teaching meditation in my village.

About Self: I have been meditating since May 2020. Regular practise of Meditation helped me to change my perspective towards life & i am crossing my limiting beliefs.


While enjoying the magic of meditation, I learned a lot from the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation meditation programs. As a facilitator it is  great to listen to others experiences and answer questions. .Everyday i would learn new points from participants' questions which helped to know more about meditation.


It is a wonderful experience

Qualification: Automation Leader with over 20 years of Product Management experience responsible for delivering and supporting automation solutions for Enterprise.


About Self: I am a mentor who enjoys nurturing talent, by doing so continuously learning.

A trained Carnatic Classical Singer and a Certified International Yoga Teacher, I teach Sanskrit basics to Kids in my free time.


I am practicing Meditation for the past one year and I am volunteering for Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation. I take care of the Social Media Promotions.

Qualification: B.A Humanities,  Azim premji University.    

About Self: I am practicing meditation since childhood and a firm believer and preacher  of it. 
We can heal any illness  through meditation and positivity. We can achieves everything through manifestation. 

I have been in spiritual service since childhood.

Qualification: Global IT Manager for US based MNC , working for clients across globe for 14 years.  Also a Yoga Practitioner and Certified therapist and gradually beginning to teach yoga.


About Self: I have been practicing meditation through Buddha CEO  Quantum Foundation since September 2020.


I love  to travel, to explore nature and to care for houseplants.


I am from Coimbatore, currently  living in Toronto with my husband

Qualification: In IT industry for 8 years. Senior Professional Application Designer/Associate Manager at a large MNC, in IT Technologies. 


About Self: For the last couple of years I have been into regular practice of breath-mindfulness meditation and a volunteer for many non-profit PSSM events to promote meditation. 


Now I am into teaching and conducting book clubs with the Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation. I am  very interested in Quantum Physics and in experimenting my wishes with manifestation techniques. I love reading books and connecting with people.

Qualification: B.E Computer Science from Bangalore University. Currently Practice Head with an IT MNC with around 20 years of experience


About Self: My meditation journey started in 2020 with the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation. Meditation has helped me be more calm, mindful and with high energies throughout the day. I have become more intuitive and positive/miraculous in my thoughts and an avid book reader.


I became a volunteer with Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation a month after I started meditating. I handle the programs planning and management within the Foundation.

Qualification: Software engineer who had graduated from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. She is from Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh. 


About Self: I have been practicing meditation for 11 years and it has been an amazing journey since then,  with a great transformation in my personal & professional life. I was always very passionate about making my dreams true. 


I volunteer with Bodhi Dharma pyramid meditation centre, with the Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation and with Kasinayana Pyramid Dhyana Ashramam.

Qualification: Working as a teacher.  


About Self: I was introduced to meditation since I was 10 and that has helped me in various aspects of life as in health, career and most importantly  making many of my dreams come true. 


I enjoy teaching meditation especially to the students and youth and also love to travel and explore the world.

Qualification: Post graduate in statistics from Kurukshetra University. After post-graduation, I took teaching as an endeavour and after marriage became a homemaker along with being a partner in my husband's software business.


About Self: I started meditation eleven months back and was very fascinated. That experience motivated me to start conducting sessions to spread meditation.


I then joined Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation in November  2020 as volunteer. I have been one of the facilitators for consecutive meditation programs and also joined the book club as a facilitator. Both platforms have provided me with a great opportunity to learn and explore myself, and I have been thoroughly enjoying my journey.

Qualification: MSC computer science from Andra university  -  Senior IT professional who worked in IT for the last 17 years in various organizations - Accenture, HSBC software development, TechMahindra as a software engineer, Technical architect. I’ve been working for  Edwardjones for the past 10 years. 


About Self: I married to Apurva Ganta and blessed with two daughters. I’ve been in Saint Louis, USA for the past 13 years. 


I served as an executive secretary for Telugu association of Saint Louis for two years and as a volunteer for North America Telugu association for 5 years . I served as a volunteer for Manava charity to help poor people in India. I’m servings as a Social media supporter for NSF non profit organization for Saint Louis chapter.


I’ve been volunteering as a facilitator for the last few Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation  40-day guided meditation programs.

Qualification:  Medical doctor by profession; finished my MBBS from Southern Medical University (first military medical university) of Guangzhou, China. She worked as a junior doctor in Gandhi Medical Hospital, in Secunderabad, Telangan, India.


About Self: I moved to USA after marriage, in Gilbert, Arizona, USA, with my husband. I love reading books,  listening to podcasts and TED talks. I am also pursuing a “spiritual tablets” course.


I have been practicing meditation since June 2020, and simultaneously became vegetarian. I am learning the benefits of being a vegetarian,  how it is helping me as well as the environment. It has been a wonderful journey and I could see a significant change in my lifestyle.

Qualification: She was for many years an IT professional and worked in world renowned companies like IBM.


She is now a Meditation teacher who lives in Atlanta, GA , USA.   She volunteers for Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation and is a board member of the non-profit PSSM USA

About Self: I have been practicing meditation for over 10 years. My  life is transformed ever since I started practicing this simple Anapanasati meditation (breath-mindfulness meditation) and dedicate my time to service, in order to spread the awareness of Anapanasati and it’s benefits.


My hobbies are reading books, cooking, interior designing and spending time in nature.

Qualification: Currently working as a Product Delivery Manager at a Consultancy firm in Telford, UK. 


About Self:  I have been on the path of meditation since last 9 years and consider myself reborn since. 

I have been active in spreading the benefits and science of meditation over the last couple of years, and regularly conduct meditation sessions at my workplace and the local primary school. 

I strongly believe in what Dalai Lama once said, “If every 8-year in the World is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the World in one generation”.

Qualification: Homemaker. Working as volunteer since one year with Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation. 


About Self: I have been meditating since 2018. With meditation, I have experienced many health benefits and also proactiveness in my daily activities.  


I have conducted multiple book club sessions for Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, which helped me in reading great wisdom books. I am immensely satisfied with my service to others and my aim is to teach and spread the meditation.

Qualification: Senior IT Professional 


About Self: I am married and have been blessed with two daughters. We live in Nashville,  Tennessee, USA,  and have been living here for the past 15 years. My family is both my weakness and my strength. 


I like social service and served as Executive Member at the Tennessee Telugu Samithi (TTS) for 2 years. I like to socialize and meet new people.


My hobbies include trying out new recipes and spending time in nature. Solving puzzles and playing board games with my kiddos is one of my favorite things. I enjoy trips mainly beaches. 


I like to be happy and make spread happiness to those around me. Meditation has multiplied it a thousandfold. I am grateful to Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation for brightening the colors of my life.

Qualification: Successful entrepreneur and inspiring young leader, Ravindra is the Founder & CEO of I-One Techsolutions, a leading technology training institute which is imparting quality vocational training in Information Technology and which supplements it with several Life transformation tools including Meditation, Manifestation and Visualization. 

He is Director of Bodhi Dharma Public School (started in 2019) to Introduce Spiritual Education from the childhood.

About Self: I attribute a lot of my success to the meditation practices that I adopted 10 years ago. Meditation empowered me inside out and gave me the manifestation techniques that I regularly use to grow my businesses and drive several meditation service projects since my young age. 

I could already help hundreds of youth and graduated students transform themselves and enabled them to settle into lucrative careers.

Qualification: Had 9+ years of IT Professional experience before she decided to take a break to pursue her interests. Now Veena leads the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation Content team (including all videos and YouTube Channel)  in addition to being a  facilitator for Meditation programs and several other responsibilities within the Foundation..


About Self: I have been meditating for nearly a year and associated with Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation as a volunteer since September 2020. 


I am a passionate artist and do portrait sketching, different kinds of painting, paper quilled jewelery, home decor from paper and recycled material. I also plays violin.

Qualification: Nutrition Educator from the University of Wisconsin . She teaches in schools , after schools, community centers to youth about making healthy choices . 


About Self: I am passionate about working with kids which makes me enjoy my profession very much. I live in Sun Prairie, WI, USA,  with my lovely family: my husband, mother-in-law and my three boys. 


I have been practicing meditation for 20 years . It has been an amazing journey since then with great transformation in personal & professional life. 


I volunteer with the Meditation Magic YouTube channel, the Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation and the Chandrasekhara Mahaswamy Pyramid Meditation  center

Qualification: I'm Rathinavel with 13 years of Business Intelligence spanned across multiple MNCs. Always a front runner, go getter person, doing wonders in my corporate job. 

About Self : Though I tried couple of meditation techniques but not successful or disciplined as like Ana Phana sati meditation technique. My meditation journey started on mid-year 2020 through a corporate program, from then on its a turning point in my life. I am continously evolving myself, growing day by day, able to heal my physical ailments, nice manifestation experiences, bringing confidence, clarity and enabled me to take decisions on my own etc. Since then Meditation is an integral part of my life like a food for me daily. 
I read books of other generes but not spirtuo-scientific books which is very important for any person who wants to make changes in the life. It gives answers to many of our questions. Performing as Moderator role in Book clubs on the spirtuo-scientific books gives immense pleasure in exchanging the wisdoms and having "Sat sangam" with all co meditators.

Mentor,Motivator, always happy and pleased to work with students,tutor, support& encourage them to bring best out of their abilities.

Running an Crowd fund based support group which supports financial support for poor students, fulfilling day to day needs for visually challenged people.

Just started volunteering for Buddha CEO foundation from June and I am feeling happy about it.Serving as team facilitator and Book club moderator is like wings for making my flight.I am transforming together with my team...

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