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Thousands of people have already enjoyed our meditation programs.

We offer an immersive experience through a large choice of activities for you to learn, practice and engage in a friendly environment.


Corporate mindfulness program for business and large corporations

We conduct foundational and advanced programs on mindfulness meditation for business -- small & medium to large corporations--, as well as for public and non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

Our standard Corporate programs have been deployed globally and can be customized along your needs.

Youth - Students Workshops

We conduct meditation programs and workshops for students / graduating students to help them overcome their challenges and successfully develop their confidence, ability to learn and chances to achieve their dream.

We offer programs as well  for College / University teachers and staff.

General Public Programs

We offer various programs and workshops for general public audiences: families, homemakers, senior citizens, volunteers and  professionals from all sectors,  including craftsman, farmers, merchants and medical staff.


From registration, you will have access to online or on-site live guided meditation and teaching sessions on the science and wisdom of meditation. You will learn about neuroscience and quantum physics, you will benefit from breakout and Q&A sessions, from daily newsletters, from book clubs and from self-assessments on your progress. And you will enjoy engaging with participants communities facilitated by experienced meditators and teachers.

Gain health, energy and well-being

Build relationships and friendships

Manifest your goals and dreams

Find your purpose of life and fulfillment

Breath-Mindfulness Meditation practice course to make it a habit and enable the leaders to get rid of stress, improve and strengthen physical and mental health, gain high energy and high performance. When meditation becomes a daily habit, they become more confident, stay more focused and perform operations at ease with enjoyment.

This is an essential module for leaders to build great teams that are friendly, empathetic and truly collaborative. This also introduces the mirrors of relationship concepts to improve significantly one’s own personality and ability to connect easily and durably with people.

Manifest your dreams and create great outcomes for your business and initiatives by understanding and practicing the science of manifestation process that is based on Quantum physics and Neuroscience principles.  This course empower the leaders with needed techniques and clarity to manifest their dreams about their business vision and growth.

It is essential for every leader to find meaning and purpose in whatever they do or alternatively align to their life purpose. This course lets them explore various spiritual faculties to understand their inner self and understand the importance of selfless service in gaining deep fulfilment.

The 4 key areas of meditation wisdom and techniques that will help you become a “Buddha CEO”


Our Corporate programs include daily, or alternate day,  60 to 75 minutes live online sessions,  and consist of  Guided Meditation, Master Classes, Q&A and experiences sharing. Four standard durations are available : 3-5 days, 11 days, 21 days and 40 days. All programs can be customized and workshops may be organized on site.

Main Topics Science of Meditation

  • Fundamentals of Breath-Mindfulness Meditation 

  • Health, Wellbeing, Energy, Memory powers

  • Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration, Relationships

  • Power of Thought & Abundance, Creativity

  • Purpose driven goals and career

Corporate Programs
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Our main Youth / Students programs include 21 daily live sessions of 60 minutes each,  and consist of online Guided Meditation, Master Classes, Q&A and experiences sharing, especially from business leaders who have enjoyed the benefits of meditation.


Programs may be customized to adapt to the needs of a College / University.  Shorter workshops may be organized online or on site. Participants can include teachers and staff as well.

Topics are similar to Corporate, with a focus on well-being, confidence, ability to concentrate and learn, and manifesting goals.

Our Standard Youth Programs sessions are made available on our Youtube Channel.

Youth and Student Programs
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Thousands of participants have joined our free programs and activities for the general public. Our most popular  6-week/ 40-day  programs offer daily 90 minutes online live sessions for large groups. These sessions include daily Guided Meditation, Master Classes, Q&A and Guests experience sharing. From Meditation to Manifestation to Health and Wellbeing to Friendship with Self  to Mindfulness: you will acquire knowledge in abundance to transform lives. You can complete your training with participating to the Book Club live sessions.

Our Standard 6-Weeks Programs sessions are made available on our Youtube Channel.

See more on our resource page

General Public Programs
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