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Project Excellence

"A call for Certified Meditation Trainers/Coaches"

As a part of Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji's vision of making the world a 'Dhyana Jagat', meaning a world full of meditators, Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation, along with the support of PSSM Masters and other organisations, is bringing to you Project Excellence to introduce meditation to people of various fields, thereby, making them active and meaningful contributors to the society. We feel honoured and much humbled to introduce this project to you, our beloved friends and masters.


project excellence is designed with the aim of fostering positive, transformative changes not just in individuals, but also in the social, mental and economic environment of the society at large. 


This project aims to 
a) Educate the employees of Govt., Private and Corporate organizations about Meditation 
b) Introduce spiritual/meditative practices in their workplace
c) Empower them to practice meditation on their own in their daily lives.

d)Spread the science of meditation to everyone with the help of Policy makers, Corporate Leaders and Ambassadors.

To this end, we are seeking selfless and dedicated volunteers for this project. If you are interested in becoming a partner in training/teaching, then this wondrous opportunity is for you.


Join us as a coach/trainer through this program and become part of building a world that every master so far has strived for - a compassionate, peaceful and blissful world. Be the one to gift the world with more meditators! 

Join us in making Project Excellence a wonderful success! Be abundant. Be purposeful.


For more information contact us on +91 99028 56285

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