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1st Global Conference of
Meditation Leaders

Excellence through Meditation


A 2-day conference to showcase
Excellence through Meditation

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February 24th & 25th, 2024

India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi


Objectives of the Conference

Spread awareness about the role of meditation in driving positive social change that is defined as “a  resilient and self-empowered individual, a growing and purpose-driven organization, and a harmonious and expansive society”.


Aid senior leadership in governments, global organizations, corporations, and others in formulating policies and guidelines for the rapid adoption of meditation across organizations and communities.

Target Audience

  • Law makers, Policy makers, Government officials

  • Leaders of professional bodies, industry associations

  • Heads of universities, educational boards

  • CEOs / Leaders of public and private sector companies in all sectors

  • Leaders of healthcare, yoga, alternate medicine institutions

  • Heads of NGO’s across the globe, working towards social change and empowerment

  • Leadership of global and cross nation organizations such as UN, World Bank, G20 etc.

Your Takeaways from the Conference

Some takeways from this 2-day conference comprising of keynotes, lectures, case study presentations, meditation sessions and panel discussions are:

  • You will understand the procedure, benefits and science of meditation.

  • You will learn from some leaders and organizations on the transformational changes they have seen from a meditation practice.

  • You will also learn how you and your teams can realize positive results from a regular practice of meditation.

  • You will learn how to expand the impact of your CSR initiatives

  • You will learn about a new dimension for accelerating social and personal change



This conference is being organized by BuddhaCEO Quantum Foundation in association with Pyramid Valley International, and Pyramid Meditation Channels.

Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation is a non-profit spiritual organization started in 2020 with the mission of empowering businesses, leaders, government officers and entrepreneurs with scientific meditation wisdom so that they can build productive, compassionate and purpose-driven businesses and communities.

Role and Impact of Meditation

Meditation brings positive transformation and excellence in individuals. This, in turn, enables growth, and innovation in organizations and society.


Organizations have access to vast resources in terms of people, material, technology and money. They influence many aspects of the lives of their employees, families and the larger society. The more organizations operate in a sympathetic and responsible manner, the greater is the organizational growth and improvement in the quality of the lives they touch.

To implement this virtuous model most effectively, the mindset of the leadership plays a critical role. A leader empowered with the techniques, science and wisdom of a meditation practice carries higher energy and vision, empathetic values, a friendly and intuitive approach, and responsible execution ability. A spirituo-scientific mindset embodies these concepts.


A 'spirituo-scientific' mindset gives purpose, stops greed and the need to wield power. A leader with a well-developed spirituo-scientific mindset, uses resources for maximum good. Meditation develops greater spirituo-scientifc mindset in every practitioner.  


Breath Mindfulness Meditation

There are many meditation techniques in the world. While all of them serve a purpose, the process of breath-mindfulness meditation is very simple and can be easily practised by everyone. When practiced regularly this method is providing huge transformation to individuals.

This method, and the underlying wisdom have been extensively spread to millions of people across India and the world, by Pyramid Meditation Channels, Quantum Life University, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation and thousands of masters from the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement over the past 35 years. Brahmarshi Pithamaha Patriji founded Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in 1990 and relentlessly worked to promote meditation extensively.

Our Inspiration


Brahmarshi Pithamaha Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

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How to practice meditation?

Choose a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable posture, cross your legs at the ankles and clasp your hands. Close your eyes, observe your normal in-breath and out-breath. No forceful inhalation or forceful exhalation. When you observe the breath, the mind becomes empty. Be in that emptiness. If you find your mind wandering in thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the breath.


Initial List of Speakers

Global Conference Speakers.png
Conference tracks

Holistic Growth

Explore meditation's role in enhancing emotional well-being, accelerating career growth, deepening relationships, and driving positive social change.

Physical Health & Mental Well-being

Understand how meditation reduces stress, improves healing, prevents illness and enhances overall well-being

Organizational Excellence

Learn how meditation cultivates growth- mindset, clarity of purpose, empathetic values, higher team productivity and coherent leadership.

Excellence in Education

Discover meditation's impact on enhancing concentration, confidence, clarity, creativity, and the overall educational experience for students and teachers/  professors.

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