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Join the

1 million : 1 hour : 1 consciousness

for Yourself and The Planet

Join the Mindfulness moment

21st of Every Month

5:30 PM - 6:45 PM IST | 7:00 AM - 8:15 AM US ET)

Zoom ID  : 316 158 180

Passcode : buddha

Did you know that meditating as a group gets you into a deeper healing due to group energy? Group intents gain greater momentum and you can achieve your targets faster. If you are a part of an organization, invite your team to join. You can channelize your collective energy towards growth and harmony.

Come, join the movement of

1 million : 1 hour : 1 consciousness.

You will play your part to heal yourself and Planet Earth.

The Maharishi Effect states that even if 1% of the total population practices meditation, this affects the consciousness of the population as a whole and improves the quality of life of everyone. This was proven in the first decade of this century by Maharishi Institute of Management, Iowa, USA. Large groups of people across nations coming together to meditate may alter the consciousness of people globally and create a more collaborative world where tensions and strife are lower and people are less stressed. The world, battered by a pandemic, needs to heal itself. We, the denizens, need to come together to make this possible.


Meditation is a journey into the self where you focus on emptying your mind by focusing on

 your breath. Research indicates  that when people meditated in a group, even if they were non-meditators, they got into a meditative state much faster, belief and training notwithstanding. After all, we are vibrational beings having a physical experience; the group’s higher vibrations help everyone in the group to get into deeper relaxation, heightened awareness and increased intuition. The meditation effect of every person in the group gets amplified. And meditation can transform the world.

What is Meditation

Nature is resilient and can heal herself.  Forests burnt down by wildfire regenerate and rise again if left undisturbed. The site of the worst nuclear accident – Chernobyl now is teeming with life. We can heal ourselves too – after all, we are also a part of nature. We need to just look within ourselves.

Another important lesson from Nature is that there is strength in numbers. The sight of migratory birds in the sky, herds of wildebeests across the African Savannah, trundling Oliver Ridley turtle moms that come in mass numbers to lay their eggs on the beaches or a colony of ants – these show that collective action towards a common goal benefits everyone. A single tree may not survive a storm, collectively a forest can withstand even hurricanes. Nature is more collaborative and connected. Even early humans survived and flourished when they came together as a community.

Image by Jonatan Pie

After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

21st of Every Month

5.30pm - 6.45pm IST (8.00 - 9.15am US ET)

let’s all come together to meditate to raise our collective consciousness and heal ourselves and the planet. Who knows what impact your action may result in? The butterfly effect is a real thing.


If you are a part of an organization that promotes meditation and mindfulness, we invite you to partner with us. Any organization or individual who can group 100 people can register as a partner. Kindly write to us at so that we can sync the schedule and plan with you. Click here to register as a partner.

Alternatively, you can also sign up with Buddha-CEO quantum foundation to join the groups across 25 countries. Click here to register yourself and your team.

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