Discover the science, wisdom and practice of meditation and grow into a “Buddha-CEO”, a leader who becomes more compassionate, equanimous, friendly, energetic, intuitive, creative and purpose driven. 

Healthier and happier too.

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Abundance - Guided
Meditation for Personal Resilience and Peak Performance - 6 weeks
June 7 to July 16

Discover Personal Resilience and Peak Performance through a Daily Breath-Mindfulness Meditation Practice 

Inspire - 3 Week Meditation For Confidence, Clarity & Manifestation For Graduating Students & Youth
June 28th to July 18th,

3 Week Online Guided Meditation Program for Developing Inspire, Courage & Passion Techniques

Passion - ELEVATE YOUR ENERGY , Create a Magnificent Future for yourself and your business  
July 2nd to July 4th

A three-day insightful and practice oriented workshop based on meditation, neuroscience and quantum physics principles to manifest your dreams and create magnificent outcomes for your business 


The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit and non-religious organization which provides transformative meditation wisdom and techniques in a compassionate and friendly environment. Through various programs - online and on site - and content, we empower leaders to grow their organizations with a higher sense of purpose, towards their employees, communities and the larger society, thereby contributing to world harmony and individual fulfillment.

We also assist the transformed leaders to integrate meditation practices in their organizations and in the communities they serve.

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Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

We are inspired and guided by the simple and profound non-religious spiritual science wisdom, teachings and approach of Brahmarshi Patriji who taught breath-mindfulness meditation to millions of people worldwide! He dreams of a world full of meditative individuals who become Buddha-CEOs  with regular practice of meditation and mindfulness and awaken the leader in each of them. His open and scientific approach helps the Foundation to empower every leader with curated scientific meditation wisdom from world spiritual masters!


Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan

Former Director-CBI, NHRC, CRPF

Laurence Guihard-Joly

Former Senior General Manager, and Mindfulness Sponsor, IBM Corporation

Krishna Magar

Student in Hotel Management

Dr. Aruna Viswanathan

Medical Doctor and Chief Consultant,
ENT Surgeon & Integrative Holistic Health Expert

Dr. S.V. Balasubramaniam

Founder and Chairman, Bannari Amman Group

Shri Marni
Padma Shri Dr. RV Ramani Founder and Man

Padma Shri Dr. RV Ramani

Founder and Managing Trustee,

Sankara Eye Foundation

“We are that infinite energy with unlimited capability. The entire world is one big family. Meditation helps us to realize these concepts and live them. The 40-day meditation program is really transformative".

Dr. N Chidambaram

MD I FRCP I FACC I Professor of Medecine & Cardiologist I Former Dean,
Faculty of Medicine, Annamalai University

“Practicing regular meditation provides holistic health, reduce anxiety, stress, and thereby controls chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailments. It plays a key role in regulating emotional imbalance while providing profound psychological and cognitive benefits”.

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Introduction to Anapanasati Meditation

How to effectively perform Anger Management through Breath Mindfulness Meditation

Learn REM sleep through Breath Mindfulness Meditation

How meditation leads to mindfulness: be self aware, present, with more energy.

How Meditation helps gain radiant health, energy and memory power

How Meditation eliminates addictions and reduces food cravings

Breath Mindfulness Meditation - and the Quantum Field of possibilities

Meditate Now!

Beginner ? Try this 15 minutes Guided Meditation with Music, and offer calmness and quietude to your mind. 


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