Elevate Your Energy, Create Magnificent Future


Discover the science, wisdom and practice of meditation and grow into a “Buddha-CEO”, a leader who becomes more compassionate, equanimous, friendly, energetic, intuitive, creative and purpose driven. 

Healthier and happier too.

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July 2 & 3



Manifest Your Dreams
Grow Your Business

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July 6 to Aug 14

6 week Online Program

For Personal Resilience &

Peak Performance

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A 3-Week Online

Beginner Meditation Program 

Jun 16th to Jul 6th

For Calmness, Stress Relief & Positive Mindset

Suitable for UK & US West Coast Time Zones



July 2 & 3

Manifest Your Dreams |

Grow Your Business


Meditation for Confidence, Clarity & Manifestation 

      July 18 to Aug 7

Daily 3 - Hour Long Meditation (Akhanda Dhyana)


The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit and non-religious organization which provides transformative meditation wisdom and techniques in a compassionate and friendly environment. Through various programs - online and on site - and content, we empower leaders to grow their organizations with a higher sense of purpose, towards their employees, communities and the larger society, thereby contributing to world harmony and individual fulfillment.

We also assist the transformed leaders to integrate meditation practices in their organizations and in the communities they serve.

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Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

We are inspired and guided by the simple and profound non-religious spiritual science wisdom, teachings and approach of Brahmarshi Patriji who taught breath-mindfulness meditation to millions of people worldwide! He dreams of a world full of meditative individuals who become Buddha-CEOs  with regular practice of meditation and mindfulness and awaken the leader in each of them. His open and scientific approach helps the Foundation to empower every leader with curated scientific meditation wisdom from world spiritual masters!