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Utilize Pyramids in Your Daily Life and For Meditation

One of the ways to multiply the effects of our meditation is by utilizing Pyramid energy. Research has shown that Pyramid energy can be utilized for preservation, healing and for going into altered states of consciousness during meditation.

Pyramids are storehouses of cosmic energy. The structural design of a Pyramid consists of three-dimensional triangles, with large bases tapering towards the top and four faces with a 'golden angle of inclination of 51° 51′. When built to this angle and placed in perfect alignment with the cardinal directions, Pyramids are found to have an energization capability.

Much research from East to West have shown that Pyramids can be used for preservation, healing and altered states of consciousness. Experiments have demonstrated that Pyramids increase the ability of the body to prevent diseases, give relief and help in curing common ailments i.e., asthma, toothache, migraine, cold, high B.P., arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia, digestion issues and more. For general problems that arise due to pollution like allergy, Pyramids can be utilized to attain relief. The body's exposure to Pyramid energy for a few minutes a day has a lasting positive effect.

Milk, fruits, vegetables, or any other food items placed in/under Pyramids are found to remain fresh for longer periods and attain more taste. In an experiment conducted at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru - home to the first largest Pyramid dedicated to practice and teaching of meditation, the tomatoes placed inside a Pyramid remained fresh for 144 days and they tasted great. Pyramids can be kept on water jugs to energize the water too.

Horticulturists have found that when seeds are kept in a Pyramid for a few days (4-5 days) before sowing, the yield has increased by 20%-100% more. The plants grown out of the seeds taken from Pyramids are found to be healthier. Pyramids placed in crop fields are found to be having a positive effect on the crop by making them grow faster and giving higher yields.

Pyramid energized food seems to improve relationships amongst people. In some experiments, jail inmates who regularly consumed pyramid energized salt and pepper-based food improved their behaviour.

Pyramids (even as small as 2ft x 2ft) placed on the roadside along the stretches of accident-prone highways or traffic junctions seem to reduce fatal accidents. If students wear Pyramid-shaped caps while studying, or sit under a Pyramid during studies, they gain higher concentration powers.

Meditation done inside or underneath a Pyramid is called Pyramid meditation. Pyramid meditation is more powerful than normal meditation. Meditation done under the Pyramid enhances the energy levels in very less time. For beginners, it is found that they go into an empty state faster. Many people who have tried Pyramid Meditation have experienced complete relaxation of their body, shutting out external stimuli including thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness.

During the group sessions held at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, it was observed that practicing meditation in a pyramid generates a higher level of energy. Participants experienced a significant boost in energy that lasted for extended periods.

In corporate settings, dedicating a space for meditation can enhance relationships among colleagues. Buddha-CEO actively advocates for corporate meditation and emphasizes the advantages of incorporating pyramids on office desks. This not only improves focus and productivity but also serves as a stress-relief tool, providing a calm and clear mental space amid daily pressures. The presence of pyramids on work desks fosters engagement in mindfulness meditation.

Pyramid-shaped meditation halls act as symbols of unity, as people from all faiths come together and meditate. The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India founded by Brahmarshi Patriji has enabled the building of more than 20,000 pyramids to date in India.

The book “The Secret Power of Pyramids” by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit is a good book to understand the power of Pyramids and their applications in various fields.

Best Wishes

Chandra Pulamarasetti

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