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Breath Mindfulness Meditation

“Meditation is the only magic in the world and the only miracle.” — Osho. “Meditation is choosing not to engage in the drama of the mind but elevating the mind to its highest potential” – Amit Ray

Meditation is the act of emptying our minds of all thoughts and experiencing our grander selves. It is a path that lets us connect with the infinite potential of the quantum energy field. Meditation is a natural process that brings mindfulness into our lives. It enables holistic well-being, increased physical vitality, memory power, emotional intelligence, social harmony, and a larger understanding of oneness.

Quantum physics shows that our observations (i.e., our thoughts and feelings) create our outer reality. Our observations manifest events and experiences in our lives. What we attract in our lives is due to our current thoughts and feelings. Meditation helps us move from negative and disastrous thinking to a positive state of thinking and then further into a miraculous state of thinking.

The human body is one of the most intelligent systems which creates 3.8 million cells every second. It is continuously functioning for us, but we do not take care of it. We have been interfering with its natural functioning by releasing stress hormones with our anxious and fearful thoughts. Once the brain is in a thoughtless state, all the body parts work naturally by aligning the mind to the body.

Breath-mindfulness meditation or Anapanasati meditation is one of the simplest meditation methods.

Breath-mindfulness means being mindful of the natural breath. In Pali language, ‘Ana’ means ‘in-breath, ‘apana’ is ‘out-breath and ‘sati’ means ‘to be one with.’ Hence, Ana-apana-sati means to be one with the breath. Buddha initially taught this 2,500 years ago.

The task is to sit comfortably and consciously observe the natural flow of our breath without influencing it in any way with our senses or thoughts. Whenever the mind wanders, we have to consciously bring our attention back to observing the natural rhythm of breathing.

Meditation means making the mind calm. Thoughts distract and scatter our energy. By becoming aware of the breath, the mind becomes quiet, and slowly even becomes empty of all thoughts. Soon, we attain a deeply restful state. When our mind becomes empty, a feeling of energy begins to flood into the body.

Increasing the amount of time we sit in meditation happens gradually. It enables us to have greater experiences - receiving messages from our intuition, visions, third eye related experiences or, healing certain kinds of illnesses, especially chronic.

Guided meditations are a great help in habituating deep meditations because the chances of going astray or slipping into sleep in the middle of meditation is much less compared to normal meditation because of the guidance and music which keep one focused in the moment.

We, at Buddha-CEO, welcome you to this gift of meditation that you chose to give yourself today, and hope that it's going to be a life-changing addition to your routine. Happy meditating ! !

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