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Levitating Books
Levitating Books

|| Light ||

Wisdom of World Masters

Every Wednesday

March 8th - April 12th, 2023

8.00PM - 9.15PM IST

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Zoom ID : 986 7137 6034
Passcode : buddha


Spiritual books open us to a whole new world of knowledge! Knowledge is precursory to experience. Recommended scientific spiritual books provide the highest knowledge.

Book clubs serve the purpose of self-reading and interactions during the journey.  During these book clubs, we will have experienced book club facilitators who will cover the key theme of the book over the course of 5 sessions. The book club sessions will be repeated during both morning and evening hours to suit the timings of our global audience. Participants are encouraged to attend the same, purchase and read the books, share their experiences & interpretations and benefit from the same.

The way we start looking at our life can dramatically change as our consciousness get expanded with the new spiritual knowledge. In this season, we are reading the following books.


Rakesh Jalumane
Aarthi Lakshminarasimhan

March 8th

The Untold Story of Sita

Namitha Singh &
Latha Kota

March 15th

The Surrender 

Vidya Ramachandran &
Ramesh Kondamutti

March 22nd

The White Lotus

Conversations with God


Jagan Mohan &
Preeti Agarwal

Naga Pradeep &
Rathinavel D

Lakshmi K &
Nanaji Rao


March 29th

April 15th

April 12th

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