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Chandra Pularamasetti

Sessions in USA

Excellence Through Meditation
Health, Connection, Growth & Purpose
FREE Introductory Sessions in USA
Parsipanny, NJ, USA.jpg

Venue#14 decroce ct Parsippany NJ 07054

Mar 21st Parsipanny, NJ, USA

7pm to 9pm US ET

Albany, NY, USA.jpg

Venue2228 Western ave Guilderland, NY 12084

Mar 26th - Albany, NY, USA

5pm to 7:30pm US ET 

Orangr County, USA.jpeg

Dallas, TX, USA

Mar 31st - Dallas, TX

4pm to 6:30pm US PT

Sacramento, CA, USA.jpg

Venue 5409 Spring Mountain Ln, Antioch, CA 94531

Apr 1st - Antioch, CA, USA

6:30pm to 8:30pm US PT

Orangr County, USA.jpeg

Sacramento, CA, USA

Apr 2nd - Sacramento, CA

6pm to 8pm US PT

Raleigh, NC, USA.jpg

Raleigh, NC, USA

Mar 27th - Raleigh, NC, USA

6pm to 8pm US ET

Free Entry. Pre-registration is required.

We all have dreams. We all have aspirations to make it big in our life.  

Quantum physics principles indicate that our thoughts and feelings create our outer reality. The more courageous, confident and miraculous thoughts and feelings we have, the more pleasurable and enjoyable experiences of life we go through. Where attention goes, there the energy flows and the manifestation happens.  Many leaders of the past and present always used this principle. Many did not know the science behind it,  but they knew it works and used it. Meditation greatly aids in understanding and applying this principle.

Meditation is a process to know oneself. Meditation is the foundational practice to nurture a mindful life, overcome stress, develop a growth mindset, gain emotional regulation, and deliver peak performance. Meditation helps individuals break the habit of being themselves, often limited by their subconscious programs of routine habits, attitudes, and behaviors.
Manifestation Science is about applying a set of practices combined with regular practice of meditation to consistently create a desired future and realize our dreams.


In this introductory workshop, understand the 5 step manifestation process and the importance of meditation in it.  Get introduced to the powerful breath-mindfulness meditation that comes from Gauthama Buddha. Gain clarity about this empowering method to realize your dreams, without limits.  

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About Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit and non-religious organization that provides transformative scientific meditation wisdom and techniques in a compassionate and friendly environment. Through various meditation programs (online and on-site) and content, we empower business leaders and corporate employees to grow their organizations greatly, with a higher sense of purpose, towards their team members, communities and the larger society, thereby contributing to deep individual fulfilment and world harmony.

The Foundation assists the transformed leaders to integrate meditation and mindfulness practices in their organizations and the communities they serve.


Chandra sir picture_edited.png

  Chandra Pulamarasetti
Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation,
Successful Entrepreneur, Former VP,

IBM Corporation

Chandra Pulamarasetti, founder of Buddh-CEO Quantum Foundation, is a successful entrepreneur, former Vice President at IBM Corporation, meditation coach, and board member /advisor of Pyramid Valley International, Quantum Life University & other.

Chandra Pulamarasetti attributes a lot of his success including the acquisition of his software company, to the powerful techniques based on meditation and manifestation.


Inspired and deeply transformed by the teachings of Brahmarshi Patriji, he has studied several masters from East and West including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Swami Rama, Neal Donald Walsh, Seth and many more. He has been practicing meditation for over 23 years now, teaches regularly to leaders and professionals, conducts multi-day meditation retreats and participates in several meditation service activities.

Chandra dreams of a spiritual world being established  in the shortest possible time where every leader transforms into a Buddha-CEO and contributes to this cause significantly.

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5 Day Advanced Meditation Retreat

Apr 5th to Apr 9th Sedona, AZ, USA

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