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A Three-Day Free Webinar


“The Art & Science of Self-healing”

July 16, 17 & 18

5:30PM to 8:30PM IST / 8AM to 11AM EST 

In this life-changing workshop, you will explore the roots of illnesses and learn how to connect to the power of your own consciousness, which enables real healing to take place.

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A three-day New Age webinar where you can find answers to the below questions by taking a look at the real nature of illness and disease – how they manifest and how they can be healed. It will help you to free yourself from the issues, attitudes, and beliefs you carry about health. In this powerful experiential workshop, you will learn how to tap into the innate healing power of your consciousness in order to quickly and easily take control of your health.

  • What is illness?

  • Why do we become ill?

  • Why we don't heal our illnesses?

  • How can we heal our illnesses on our own?



To help participants

  • To understand how Illness is Created

  • To learn lessons they are meant to from illnesses

  • To understand and experience the Healing power of Consciousness

  • To understand and experience the amazing Power of Thoughts & Words

  • To learn how to Awaken the ‘Inner Physician’, ‘Inner Doctor’, ‘Inner Healer’

  • To ultimately learn how to Take Self Responsibility for Healing your Illnesses


  • Understanding what your Body speaks, and learning to communicate with your body cells. Our bodies never lie. They always tell us the truth about what we are feeling and thinking.

  • How limiting beliefs can bring on ill-health

  • Relationship between poor beliefs and poor health

  • Importance of self-worth, self-esteem and self-approval for good health

  • Understanding Mind-Body Connections and dissolving the mental and emotional blocks to create a healthy body

  • Tuning-in into inner reality as the real/true means to health

  • How healing takes place at many different levels of consciousness

  • Voice Dialogue Process – looking for the self behind the symptom

  • The way towards health is simplicity itself

Core Value and Benefits


The webinar will help you to:


• Learn Self Healing tools

• Activate the Life force within you

• Let go of limiting beliefs regarding health and vitality

• Clear the mental & emotional blocks, thus creating health and vitality

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Brahmarshi Chakravarti
Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MBBS, MD
Founder & Chairman, Life Foundation &
Quantum Life University


Brahmarshi Chakravarti Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MBBS, MD, a new age Master and a truly multi-dimensional personality. Interestingly, the inspiration for this amazing vision came from his past life memories. One of his most profound past life visions is of an ‘acharya’ teaching Buddhist wisdom at the ancient university of Takshashila.

Brahmarshi Chakravarti Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MBBS, MD are medical doctor who realized that everyone has an 'Inner Doctor', and therefore chose to become Soul Doctor instead of practicing conventional medicine. They are world renowned practitioners and teachers of Meditation and Spiritual Science, pioneers in Past Life Regression, Future Progression and Life Between Lives Regression; internationally acclaimed experts on Reincarnation & Law of Karma; master teachers of Rebirthing-Breathwork, Inner Child Work, Family Constellation and Organizational Constellation work; researchers of Paranormal Phenomena; experts in Mind Body-Spirit Integration, Energy Medicine, Holistic Healing; Teachers of Self-Empowerment, Motivational Speaker… the list goes on!

Dr. Newton awakened to his life purpose at the young age of 22, and during over two-and-half decades of work he has been a much sought after mentor by beginners as well as established practitioners and teachers of Alternative Healing , Holistic Health, and Self Empowerment! Although widely recognized as a teacher of teachers, at heart he is always the eternal student. Humility and Unconditional Love are his hallmarks. Epitomizing the phrase 'Walk the Talk', he is a tremendous source of inspiration to all because he constantly practices what he preaches.

Together, they have traveled to more than 120 countries and touched the lives of millions of people by teaching Meditation, promoting Vegetarianism, Training Facilitators in Comprehensive Holistic Therapeutic Processes and conducting Self-Empowerment Workshops. Their vision is to establish a Global Centre for learning Spiritual Sciences along the lines of the Ancient Indian Universities of Takshashila and Nalanda, which were world renowned Centres in the fields of Arts, Medicine, Economics, and Spiritual Science during those times. Dr. Newton has spontaneously recalled several of his past incarnations at Takshasila University, and the insights thus gained by him have served as the main Inspiration for the Vision and Mission of Quantum Life University.

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