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Freedom (Private program)

13 - Days of Online Meditation and Mindfulness Program.

November 13th to 25th – 2022

7.30 pm to 8:00 pm CET

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Free Entry.

 "Dear Friends, 

Here is  both a great way to invest in yourself (and your own freedom ) and for us all to stay connected after our wonderful intense 4 days in Berlin. Please join : "13-days Meditation and Mindfulness Practices.


Every session is independent and hence you can join the program on any day. Now daily regularity will allow you to build the initial habit. Calm your mind to reduce stress and anxiety. Attain deep states relaxation and increase your energy and body immunity. Develop awareness and true presence in daily life.

Through meditation and mindfulness, we also learn also to create a new quality and depth of friendship, with ourself and with others, and to practice active empathy and inclusiveness. Hence, we will also keep growing the positive power of this fantastic group !


We practice the simple breath-mindfulness meditation, a few minutes a day can transform your life!  Invest in you 

About Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit and non-religious organization that provides transformative scientific meditation wisdom and techniques in a compassionate and friendly environment. Through various meditation programs (online and on-site) and content, we empower business leaders and corporate employees to grow their organizations greatly, with a higher sense of purpose, towards their team members, communities and the larger society, thereby contributing to deep individual fulfilment and world harmony.

The Foundation assists the transformed leaders to integrate meditation and mindfulness practices in their organizations and the communities they serve.



Laurence Guihard - Joly
Co-Founder - Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation,

Former - Senior General Manager and Mindfulness Sponsor - IBM Corporation

Laurence is an experienced Senior General Manager who successfully managed multiples large global organizations in the Information Technology sector. She lived in France, Singapore and the United States. Based in New York until recently, Laurence was General Manager at IBM Services, as well as Corporate Sponsor of Mindfulness@IBM. After introducing and teaching meditation to thousands of leaders and professionals, she decided to settle in France and devote her time to teaching Meditation and Mindfulness in the corporate and academic world, as well as to engage in other Meditation initiatives. She is also a wife and mother of 2 boys and is committed to supporting people with disabilities.

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