Meditation & Wisdom

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Abu Dhabi

Oct 18th

Al Naadi Conference hall,

Al Ghurair, Deira, Dubai.

Oct 23rd

Living Legends, Next to Al Barari, Dubai

Oct 21st

Old Mansouri Tower,
Salam Street, Abu Dhabi.

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Meditation is a process to understand oneself by emptying the mind of all thoughts and experiencing our grander self, or the greater mind. It is a practice to connect into the infinite potential Quantum Energy Field... or the Quantum Consciousness and experience that “Intelligence” ...
and realize “Aham Brahmasmi”, a Sanskrit phrase in ancient Indian scriptures that states "I am that Consciousness".

Quantum Physics has proven that our observation (our thoughts and feelings) creates our outer reality. ”Yath bhavam thath bhavathi”, a Sanskrit phrase which means "what we intend is what we create". According to Quantum Physics, we are 99.999% energy and only 0.001% matter.

Everything is interconnected in this Energy Field as waves of possibilities. Our observation collapses the possibilities into our life as Events (Experiences). Observation is nothing but our thoughts and feelings. Every thought and feeling is about an experience of life. An experience is always about one or more persons, life forms, places and things in a given time frame. Our outer experiences are a mere reflection of our “inner being”.


Regular practice of breath-mindfulness meditation enables the holistic well-being of our individual self. It helps with increased physical vitality, enhanced memory powers, increased emotional intelligence and social connectivity, and a larger understanding of oneness or about the existence. Said another way, Meditation is developing the Physical Quotient (PQ), the Emotional Quotient (EQ), the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and the Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Breath-mindfulness meditation

  • Learn the fundamentals of meditation, techniques for Ana-apana-sati and the details around it. Understand what meditation is and what it is not.

  • Learn the powerful process of ‘Heart -Elevation’ to make your mind highly conducive to become empty. Know about ‘heart and mind coherence’.

  • Understand the Impact of meditation on the brain waves, and the power of the conscious and subconscious mind. Recognize how meditation moves one into peak performance states.

How You Will Benefit

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