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  • Introduction to Corporate Programs

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and CEOs

  • Leaders are bringing Mindfulness and Meditation to their employees

  • Importance of Mindfulness and Meditation for an organization

  • Everyone can become a “Buddha-CEO” Leader

  • Our standard “Buddha-CEO” Corporate Programs

  • An immersive experience

  • Typical structure of a Corporate program

  • Quotes from corporate leaders on our programs

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Our Story


The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit trust founded in 2020, registered in Karnataka, India and operating globally, with volunteers and participants across the world. 


In a compassionate and friendly environment, we provide transformative meditation wisdom and techniques with a scientific voice to all leaders / aspiring leaders / students. Our programs, based on science (including quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetic), enable them to gain energy and wellbeing, to transform inside out and empower them to live their dreams and grow their organizations successfully. 


As they learn and practice regularly breath-mindfulness meditation, the participants naturally get inspired to inculcate more corporate social responsibility -- and even a spiritual dimension -- into their organizations and to build a more vibrant workplace, more harmonious communities, a more prosperous society and peaceful world. 


Introduction to Corporate Programs

When we spend just few minutes surfing the internet, we discover so many success stories around the world on famous CEOs and business leaders (SAP, Apple, Google, Medtronic, SalesForce, Ford Motor, etc...), as well as athletes, actors, scientists, doctors, professors, government officials who have been practicing meditation, and have deployed the practice across their organizations, corporations, hospitals, police departments, schools, universities, teams, etc.


If we search into many organizational internal portals, we discover a wealth of content on mindfulness and meditation, which have been listed as "success skills" by several organizations, including IBM and Google, and also recognized broadly across the business as a great support to wellbeing and mental health. 


Proven by many ancient practices and now corroborated well by neurosciences, quantum physics, epigenetics and branches of modern sciences, meditation is the foundational practice to nurture a mindful life and a growth mindset in any organization. 

Mindfulness and meditation will foster both individual and organizational benefits including:

  • Mindfulness, which means focused, collaborative, inclusive and creative culture and workplace.

  • Personal resilience, which is about sustaining high performance and being at your best in any circumstance.

  • Growth Mindset, which means embracing change, new challenges, bold goals and new learnings with an open mind and enthusiasm. 

  • Engaged and accountable workforce, which means ready to actively embrace business & life situations, be essential to the world, and enjoying the journey.

  • Positive leaders, which is about managing teams with trust, transparency, equanimity, optimism and empathy.


Anyone in any job and role, at any age can practice meditation, and without necessarily holding on to any religious or mystical philosophy. Meditation is very, very easy to practice. In our programs, participants will learn and practice a very simple breath mindfulness meditation technique. 


Mindfulness, Meditation and CEOs


Meditation and Mindfulness have been practiced by senior business leaders across the world since a long time, and these leaders are not shy to tell how essential the practices have been to their wellbeing and success overall. 


Leaders are bringing meditation and mindfulness to their employees


When leaders experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, they will naturally bring these practices, these skills, to their workplace. It will usually be enabled across the enterprise through Learning or Wellbeing programs or by local initiatives.


Why are mindfulness and meditation important for an organization


Everyone can become a “Buddha-CEO” Leader

Our Foundation wish to help everyone to become a “Buddha-CEO”, that means a leader who:

  • Exhibits high energy all the time and leads from the front

  • Leads with compassion in all decisions and takes responsible actions

  • Encourages constant innovation and newness for true joy

  • Uses competition only for developing more excellence and not to dominate or eliminate

  • Recognizes that every employee has infinite hidden potential and encourages everyone equally

  • Encourages everyone to see themselves as leaders, to solve challenges through intuition and inner strengths

  • Provides freedom and a love-based, caring and inclusive environment for people to thrive, as opposed to stifling them with control and fear

  • Recognizes the abundance of opportunity for everyone and focuses on his/her own business growth o Finds meaning and purpose for the business and aligns employees for community enablement and individual fulfillment.


Our standard “Buddha-CEO” Corporate programs

We propose four standard Meditation & Mindfulness programs. They can be customized to the needs of the organization.


An immersive experience

Our Corporate programs propose an immersive experience for the participants. The choice of constituents will be jointly selected between the Organization and the Foundation for the best results. We use communication platforms such as Zoom (the organization can decide to use their own private Zoom or video platform). Recording can be done, so the replays will be made available for participants to catch up on some sessions they may have missed. All standard programs can be customized to your needs: duration, timing, days within the week, surveys, etc. The content can also be adapted to your priorities.


Typical structure of a Corporate program


What Leaders are saying about our Corporate programs


Some feedback from Leaders who recently participated to our programs and who organized sessions for their enterprise / organization:


“Many participants from this 3-week program found positive changes related to health, energy and performance.” — Sonal Bhirmani, Senior Director, Human Resources, Cognizant

“Each and every employee should undergo this meditation program.” Narendra Mairpady, Executive Director, Mahindra First Choice – Former IOB Chairman

“This program helps people to reduce suffering that many are feeling, caught in the stressors of the corporate world.” Steve Kloeblen, as CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions

“I feel energetic throughout the day, I truly enjoy the process of meditation. The program is very well structured and taught by the Buddha-CEO Foundation.” Dr. S.V.Balasubramaniam, Founder and Chairman Bannari Amman Group



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