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Meditation & Manifestation Workshops in US  


Mar 20th - Apr 21st, 2024

We are glad to announce that Mr. Chandra Pulamarasetti will be visiting the US  from Mar 20th - Apr 21st, 2024 to host a few introductory sessions on Meditation and Manifestation as well as advanced 1-day workshops.


We welcome all enthusiastic participants to make use of this opportunity to meet Mr. Chandra in person to interact, share and listen to experiences, make friends with co-meditators and form new spiritual connections. Group meditations are extra energetic and beneficial. And no amount of wisdom is ever enough. So we wish to see you there with us, partaking in the energetic wisdom-sharing journey of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation. 

Further details of the program and the venue shall be confirmed and uploaded shortly. We request you to kindly fill the form given below which will help us send the program details to your mail id.


Chandra sir picture_edited.png

Chandra Pulamarasetti

Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation
Entrepreneur, Former VP, IBM Corporation

Click Here for 5day Meditation Retreat

Click Here for 1-day Workshop

Click Here for Intro Sessions 


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