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Why Teach Meditation to Leaders and Aspiring Leaders ?

About Buddha - CEO Quantum Foundation

 “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” , a non-profit public spiritual trust registered in India, was founded and managed by successful corporate leaders. Inspired by Grand Meditation Master Brahmarshi Patriji and mentored by Padmashri D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Padmashri Dr. R. V. Ramani, and Dr. S. V. Balasumbramaniam, the Foundation is operating globally, with volunteers and participants across several countries.


The Foundation provides transformative meditation wisdom and techniques,  in a compassionate and friendly environment, with a scientific voice,  to business leaders, entrepreneurs, Govt. Officers, corporate employees and aspiring leaders including graduating students. 

The Foundation’s programs, based on meditation and manifestation techniques combine modern sciences  including quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics. They enable participants to transform inside-out and empower them to live their dreams and grow their organizations successfully.

As participants learn and practice breath-mindfulness meditation regularly, they get inspired to inculcate corporate socio-spiritual responsibility  and build  a more vibrant workplace, harmonious communities,  and peaceful world.

Organizations have access to vast resources in terms of people, material, technology and money. They influence many aspects of the lives of their employees, families and the larger society. The more organizations operate in a sympathetic and responsible manner, the greater is the organizational growth and improvement in the quality of the lives they touch.

To implement this virtuous model most effectively, the mindset of the leadership plays a critical role. It is now broadly acknowledged that any leader empowered with the techniques, science and wisdom of a meditation practice will be able to develop higher energy and vision, empathetic values, friendly and intuitive approach, responsible execution ability.

That means all attributes to deliver performance, make a difference, and also to live healthier and happier !


In the context of businesses, a “Spirituo-Scientific” Mindset a can be understood as:

We are “energy” at our core and connected to each other deeply


We create our respective individual realities all the time through our own thoughts and feelings


The world has abundance of resources for everyone


A deeper universal intelligence that helps us to be our best in every situation


Clearly, a “Spirituo-Scientific” Mindset allows for broader wisdom to overcome beliefs and unconscious biases, instills higher purpose and vision, and helps prevail over greed and the need for power.

A “Spirituo-Scientific” leader has the wisdom to make the best use of the resources in a manner that brings the maximum and long-lasting benefits to the organization, to their team and communities in particular, and to the whole world in general.

A “Spirituo-Scientific” Mindset can be developed in every individual by adopting meditation and mindfulness practices and studying spiritual science (including Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Physiology) that is totally independent of religion. A “Spirituo-Scientific” leader becomes a “Buddha-CEO” by practicing these new principles.

When the leaders are transformed and experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and of these new principles, they automatically introduce them to the workforce in their organizations and to all the people in the communities they serve.


The “Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation” is a non-profit trust founded in the year 2020, registered in Karnataka, India and operating globally, with volunteers and participants across the world.


In a compassionate and friendly environment, we provide transformative meditation and mindfulness wisdom and techniques with a scientific voice to all leaders / aspiring leaders / students. Our programs enable them to gain total well-being, to transform inside out and empower them to live their dreams and grow their organizations successfully. 


Participants get inspired to inculcate more corporate socio-spiritual responsibility (CSSR) into their organizations and communities, and build a more vibrant workplace, more harmonious communities, a more prosperous society and peaceful world. 


We encourage our participants to share their learning about meditation and mindfulness with their teams, communities and families.



Exhibits high energy all the time and leads from the front

Leads with compassion in all decisions and takes responsible actions


Encourages constant innovation and newness for true joy


Uses competition only for developing more excellence and not to dominate or eliminate


Recognizes that every employee has infinite hidden potential and encourages everyone equally


Encourages everyone to see themselves as leaders, to solve challenges through intuition and inner strengths

Provides freedom and a love-based, caring and inclusive environment for people to thrive, as opposed to stifling them with control and fear