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Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate

Welcome to Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation! It is our pleasure to have you join us in this journey of Breath-Mindfulness Meditation with Scientific foundation to the practice. We are excited to provide Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate to the participants of our 40-Day Guided Meditation Program

Last date to register for practitioner certificate program - May 8th, 2024

Benefits of the
Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate
Benefits of the
Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate

Breath Mindfulness Meditation provides total transformation to all who practice it regularly. It is now globally recognized that Mindfulness practice makes you a better leader. Today many multinational corporations have adopted mindfulness practices in the workplace and are encouraging employees to practice it regularly.

As more and more corporates are recognizing meditation as a skill, Buddha-CEO Practitioner certificate will validate your practice of the same and help you get recognition for the scientific wisdom of Breath Mindfulness Meditation by organizations and communities.

  1. Participants are required to have a  minimum of 75% attendance (32 out of 40days) in the program.

  2. Respond to at least 5 out of 6 weekly Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate Quizzes which the participants will receive via email and score at least 50% aggregate in all of them.

  3. Respond to the 3 Self-Assessment forms which will be shared via email during week 1, 3, 6 along with the quizzes

Kindly note that week 1,2,4 &5’s quizzes will take 5 mins of participant’s time whereas week 3 & 6’s quizzes will take 15mins of participant’s time as they will be assessing themselves with an additional questionnaire, which will be sent along with the Quiz.


Participants will receive the e-certificate by email within 4 weeks after the program is complete and a certificate with “Excellence” if they score at least 80% aggregate in all the quizzes.




Participants who are interested to obtain the Buddha-CEO Practitioner Certificate are requested to

  • Make a donation. The donation amount is as follows:   

   1. Participants from India - Rs 1000.
   2. Participants from USA and other countries - USD 15

  • Indicate their interest in the first Self-Assessment form (sent at the beginning of the program) to receive the 6 weekly quizzes to their registered email IDs

  • Login to the daily zoom sessions using their registered email Ds.

  • Use the same registered email ID for all  the quizzes and assessments.

​We encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and continue this transformative journey with us.

Practitioner Certificate Registeration

Thank you for Registering!

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