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Dr. P S Gopala Krishna (Dr GK)
Founder & Chairman of Spiritual Tablets
Research Foundation

What is Spiritual Tablets ?

Spiritual concepts designed in various sets under one common name. These Spiritual Concepts will change our internal belief system and helps us to transform in order to open to the Universe for its guidance in all circumstances. These spiritual concepts devised as a total of 350 spiritual tablets. Spiritual tablets helps in gaining complete health through holistic understanding of spiritual science and applying these principles in daily life.


Dr. Gopala Krishna graduated as M.B.B.S. doctor in 1996. From 1995 he started Meditation, studied Spiritual Science and researched with his co-students for 6 years. From 2003 onwards, he campaigned “complete health through Meditation” along with his medical practice. He conducted several workshops all over India. He travelled across many countries like Mauritius, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia including India to spread Meditation and Spiritual Science through sessions. He established Spiritual health care centers  and developed 350 spiritual tablets with his 16 years of Meditational

experiences. He also helped thousands of people to obtain holistic health by his spiritual counseling  and guidance.

Dr. Gopala Krishna devised 350 Spiritual Tablets covering various ailments and chronicle diseases. Through Dr. G.K thousands of patients have cured their long term ailments permanently with either no or very minimal medication. His approach has been very scientific and systematic.

“Be a doctor to yourself” is his main motto.

Spiritual Tablets changes the belief system of people and shows phrase, 

“Spiritual Intellect is the Root and Physical Health is the Fruit”

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