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Manifest Infinite Possibilities
Empower Yourself for a Miraculous Future

2 - Day Residential Workshop on Meditation & Manifestation Science

This workshop is exclusively for Graduating Students & Youth.

Age group between 18 - 35 years

Jan 20th & 21st, 2024

Note: Participants are required to arrive at the venue on 19th Jan at 4pm  for Accommodation and Registration Check-in.


Sri Ramadhama Meditation Center,
XQ82+56F, Narayanappa Garden, Whitefield,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Free Entry. Prior Registration is Required. 

For Queries, Contact: 90367 50344 or 99028 56285

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This is a highly insightful and practice-oriented 2-day workshop for youth based on meditation, neuroscience and quantum physics principles to manifest your dreams and create great outcomes for your career and life. 

Learn and practice powerful processes to achieve your career and life goals. These processes are based on scientific meditation principles, personally experienced by Chandra Pulamarasetti, Founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, ex-CEO of a successful software company and a student of science of meditation for 20 years.

Many successful leaders, entrepreneurs and youth of the past and present have applied these techniques in their lives.  Empower yourself to become a new You. Achieve Your Dreams! 

What will you learn?

  • Learn the simple 5 step manifestation process and the tools to manifest anything you want in your life​

  • “We are infinite potential”: Understand the Quantum Physics principles of Energy, Matter, Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities, and creation of Life’s experiences.

  • “Our thoughts and feelings create our outer reality”: Understand the concept of Placebo effect to develop an unwavering and miraculous mindset which is the basis for manifesting a new reality

  • “Meditation is miraculous” : Learn and practice the Art & Science of simple “Breath-Mindfulness Meditation” and develop a solid foundation for a miraculous mindset

  • “Where your attention goes, energy goes” :  Learn the neuroscience of goal setting, visualization, mind movie creation to unlock the unlimited power of your mind ; Draw vision boards and create unambiguous goals that inspire yo

  • “Expansive beliefs create expansive realities” : Identify your conditioned limiting beliefs; develop empowering beliefs and learn techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain total clarity on the manifestation method to realize your goals and set off on a clear path of creation for yourself.

  • Define immediate goals and begin the process to manifest them into your life.

  • Dive into the world of meditation to discover your greatness.

  • Elevate your energy with intense practice of group meditations during the two days; experience longer meditations to effortlessly go into empty states of mind.

  • Break free from your conditioned limitations and prepare to become “unlimited” .

  • Gain insights into the enormous mind powers and the ways to activate them for greater success.

  • Inspire yourself with several success stories to make manifestation science the new model of your future creation

  • Interact with teachers and have informal discussions to get clarity on the science of manifestation.

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Rakesh Jalumane

Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

Rakesh Jalumane is an Entrepreneur, former Delivery Director at Cognizant and a Trustee at Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation. He has over 25 years’ experience in the Technology industry having taken up both technical and leadership roles in US, Europe and India. 

Having seen significant transformation in both personal and professional life Rakesh wishes to bring the scientific wisdom of meditation to everyone and actively teaches Meditation and Manifestation Science through various programs of the Foundation. Rakesh is currently Founder and CTO of a Software Technology company.

"In Association with Pyramid Youth for Meditation and Ahimsa"

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Limited seats available. After registration, our team will contact you to confirm your workshop seat.

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