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Elevate Your Energy, Create A Magnificent Future for Yourself and Your Business(EYE Workshop)

Manifestation at Valley: Welcome
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A three-day insightful and practice oriented workshop based on meditation, neuroscience and quantum physics principles to manifest your dreams and create magnificent outcomes for your business

As organization and business leaders, we are driving our teams, projects and businesses based on past experiences for the most part. According to Neuroscience research, 95% of what we experience today is similar to what we experienced yesterday. Every day, we think of the same thoughts, experience the same feelings and go through the same events at work, with our teams and with our partners and clients.. yet we expect something different to happen in our business outcomes, in our client relationships and in our project deliverables. We want to increase our cash flows, win those large deals, grow our business significantly, make those key business partnerships successful, venture into new product areas, improve the team agility and productivity and so on.  As business leaders, how do we achieve these .. each time and every time?

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What will you learn?

Join us in this insightful and transformational workshop to:
·         Understand the Neuroscience of how our body and mind work in manifestation
·         Understand the Quantum model of Universe that works through energies to manifest any event
·         Recognize that the power is within us to change, to ‘think, feel & create desired outcomes’
·         Learn and practice simple Breath Meditation processes extensively to apply the above insights effectively

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit participants will take home out of this workshop is to gain total clarity on their immediate goals and set off on a clear path to manifest them through the process of meditation. Meditation by itself, when adopted into one’s life, provides tremendous benefits; coupled with manifestation processes, you will empower yourself with powerful techniques to achieve any dream.

  • Gain clarity on the scientific process of manifestation and get inspired to implement in your life

  • Empower yourself with practical techniques to manifest your career goals and scale your business to new heights

  • Gain insights into mind power and the ways to activate it for greater happiness

  • Set off on a clear meditation path for your immediate goals into manifestation and experience the energies to inspire you

Many successful leaders of the past and present have applied these techniques in their lives.  Empower yourself to become a new You. Achieve Your Dreams ! Scale your organization and projects to new heights !

About The Master

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Chandra Pulamarasetti

A successful entrepreneur, former Vice President of IBM Corporation, Founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, transformational meditation coach, and board member of few non-profits including Pyramid Valley International.

Chandra Pulamarasetti attributes a lot of his success including the recent acquisition of his software company,  to the powerful techniques based on meditation and manifestation. He has been practicing meditation for over 20 years now, teaches regularly to organizational & business leaders and professionals, and participates in several meditation service activities. 

Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation enables leaders to transform themselves with meditation practice and spiritual wisdom, and adopt to spirituo-social responsibility.

Chandra is a computer science engineer from BITS, Pilani and a core technologist as well at his heart with 2 patents to his credit. Chandra lives in Bangalore with his wife Vani and two children Alekhya and Sanath.  Vani and Chandra run a meditation center called SoulTrends Meditation studio in Bangalore, and another meditation center along with her sister,  in Visakhapatnam rural areas to teach meditation to 500 schools.


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SoulTrends Pyramid Meditation Studio

The well-being store and meditation centre

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