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|| Crystal  ||

Guided Meditation for Personal Resilience and Peak Performance - 6 weeks

Develop Personal Resilience and Peak Performance through a daily Breath-Mindfulness Meditation practice & Scientific Meditation Wisdom. A life transforming flagship program that helps make Meditation a habit and enhances five core dimensions of life.

Aug 16th - Sep 24th, 2021
6AM - 7:30AM IST (India)

Aug 15th - Sep 23rd, 2021
8:30PM -10PM EST (USA)


Attend this FREE " Crystal  " , 6 - Week Guided Meditation Online Program specially designed for corporate, organizational & business leaders and professionals.

Course Structure & Content

  • Daily online classes over Zoom

  • Daily - 45-min Breath-Mindfulness group meditation - enhanced by curated special music

  • Guidance and Q&A in English by an experienced corporate meditation coach

  • Weekly - two to three master class of 40-min each on corporate meditation wisdom during session

  • Every thursday business leader sessions

  • Every sunday longer group meditation

  • Every Saturday break-out room sessions

  • Daily articles / resources to aid your meditation practice

  • Audio recordings of guided music meditation

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