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 Apr 12th - 16th, 2024
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Dallas, USA
A 5-Day Residential Program
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About the Program

We all have inherent power to heal ourself within us! We have inherent intelligence to succeed. We have inherent wisdom to be happy. We have inherent energy to be inspiring. Yet, we mostly rely on people and our environment to heal, to succeed, to be happy and to inspire. We are driven by the conditioning and memories of our past; which are causing us to be dependent on external environment always.


When the environment and people do not respond or act in a way we expect, we feel unhappy, miserable, incomplete, unworthy and experience several other lower emotions! 95% of the time, our experiences of today are same as yesterday. This is due to the limiting, redundant and fearful thoughts and feelings that we carry inside our sub-conscious mind. According to Quantum Physics, our observation creates our outer reality. Observation is nothing but our thoughts and feelings, often influenced by our external environment! 


Join us in this 5-day program to transform yourself from the inside out. Rewire yourself with life expanding spiritual wisdom. Practice long meditations throughout the program and make a significant shift in your thought patterns, emotional patterns and belief systems.  Gain total clarity about your career / life path and become miraculous in thinking.

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Program Donation

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Program Donation with Dormitory
(1 bed in a  dorm of 16beds)

Accommodation Type


Per Individual






Program Donation with AC Deluxe Twin Sharing Accommodation

Program Donation with AC Luxury Triple Sharing Accommodation

Program donation with AC Luxury Twin Sharing Accommodation

Program donation with AC Luxury Single Occupancy Accommodation





On the Payment page, you have the option to select the type of Accommodation.

Note: Early Bird Offer - Save 2000/- (Valid until January 31st)
The discount is applied directly on the payment page.


Special discount for Students!

If you are a student under the age of 25 years, with a valid Student ID proof, please reach out to us on +91 83284 00224 to avail the offer.

Special discount available for past Buddha-CEO Sponsors. 
Contact : +91 83284 00224

Buddha-CEO Sponsors  

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Pyramid valley provides 3 types of accommodations.

1. Shared Dormitories -
These are well maintained 16 bedded A/C dormitories with attached shared toilets. Option 1 in the above table.

2. A/C Deluxe rooms - There are limited Deluxe rooms furnished for comfortable stay; Allocated in a twin sharing basis. If you are registering in a group, you can request by phone to be paired up with your group members. Option 2 in the above table.

3. A/C Luxury rooms - These are high end luxury rooms provided in a great nature setting, operated by an accommodation partner of Pyramid Valley. Allocated in a single, twin and triple sharing basis.


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Session Information 

This is a physical on-campus event in Pyramid Valley International, near Bengaluru.

  • The program starts on Day - 1 (March 13th) at 4:00pm IST and the program ends by 2:00pm IST on the Day - 5 (March 17th)

  • Everyday, there will be multiple sessions starting early as 5:00am IST.

  • There will be a total of around 12-13 sessions in the 5 days with each session accounting for 3 hours approximately. 

  • In each session meditation will be around 1.5 hours approximately and wisdom class will be for rest of the time.

  • The sessions will be a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions in nature.

When we change our environment and stay away from our routine work / people / places, we are causing a lot of unlearning and experiencing new learning in our brain.

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What You Will Learn?

  • Practice intense breath-mindfulness meditation for about 4 hours every day and tune into infinite field of quantum potentials deeply​

  • Understand and practice goal setting, mind movie process and power of visualization to unlock the unlimited power of your mind​

  • Energize the Chakra centers to dissolve energy blocks​

  • Identify and reprogram the limiting beliefs of your sub-conscious​

  • Learn and practice techniques that take you into deeper states of meditation​

  • Practice “wakeful walking” processes in serene nature of Pyramid Valley, along with meditations to elevate your body and mind into future states​

  • Understand neuroscience and epigenetics models of creation and cause the real change in your brain and body effectively​

  • Understand the principles of radiant relationships to help move into higher states of oneness

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What are the benefits

  • Dive into the world of meditation to discover your greatness.

  • Break free from your conditioned limitations and prepare to become “unlimited”.

  • Gain insights into the enormous mind powers and the ways to activate them for greater success.

  • Gain total clarity on the manifestation method to realize your goals and set off on a clear path of creation for yourself and your business. 

  • Define immediate goals and begin the process to manifest them into your life​

  • Elevate your energy with intense practice of group meditations during the 5 days; experience longer meditations to effortlessly go into empty states of mind.

  • Inspire yourself with several success stories to make manifestation science the new model of your future creation.

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Promo Video
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Glimpses from Sep 2023 Retreat
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Chandra Pulamarasetti
Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation
Entrepreneur, Former VP, IBM Corporation


Chandra Pulamarasetti, founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, is a successful entrepreneur, former Vice President at IBM Corporation, meditation coach, and board member /advisor of Pyramid Valley International, Quantum Life University & other organizations.

Chandra Pulamarasetti attributes a lot of his success including the acquisition of his software company, to the powerful techniques based on meditation and manifestation. 

Inspired and deeply transformed by the teachings of Brahmarshi Patriji, he has studied several masters from East and West including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Swami Rama, Neale Donald Walsch, Seth and many more. He has been practicing meditation for over 22 years now, teaches regularly to leaders and professionals, conducts multi-day meditation retreats and participates in several meditation service activities.

Chandra dreams of a spiritual world being established  in the shortest possible time where every leader transforms into a Buddha-CEO and contributes to this cause significantly.

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This program is organized by

Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation

in association with

Pyramid Valley International.

Transform Inside Out. Experience the Unlimited.
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